Timeline and progress update.

Hi readers, in this blog I will give you the first real look at my timeline and I will tell you all about some of the progress I have made so far in my project. To start, some of you may be wondering what is a timeline in Propel? Let me show you mine as an example.

TimeLine Image.PNGThis is my timeline. I will be following my timeline for the rest of the semester to keep me on track and to make sure I am not behind because I have a very tight schedule. The progress I have made so far is I have pretty much completed the research phase, scheduled safety and have started sketching early concepts for the four cabinets. I will begin the blueprinting stage once I get the dimensions for the speaker components I will be working with. That is all I have for today thank you for reading and until next time, JJ.



Action plan and next steps


Hi readers, in this blog post I will be updating you all on three things. One, being any changes that have come to my project. Two, the phases my project has in the form of milestones which is the terminology we use to define steps. Three, what will I be doing over the next few weeks and what steps I would like to complete.

Recap, my project hasn’t taken any major turns since my last blog post. A few minor adjustments we made are that I will be making passive speakers rather than active speakers. This is because I want to be able to build and spend a lot of time in the industrial arts area.

Phases or milestones.  I have eight milestones to complete for my project. The first one being safety and scheduling which is being verified to use the tools I need. I will also plan times with Mr. bean, industrial arts teacher to mentor me through the building process. The second is the research stage which I am starting with I think it’s rather self-explanatory. The next is metric development, this is going to be developing a scale to help evaluate the speakers. The fourth is the blueprinting stage, I will be making four blueprints for four different cabinet designs. The fifth phase will be the prototype stage where I build the prototypes for testing each cabinet. Then number six will be testing the speakers this consists of finalizing the metric scale testing each model and determining a “winner”. Then the seventh, Production. The production phase will be where I make a better-quality model of the “winner’ the quality will be closer to consumer level. Finally, if I have time I will be making an amplifier to go with the speakers.

My plans for the week next or two will mostly consist of me on the computer researching the crucial information that I will need to design and build these speakers. I will hopefully be moving into the blueprinting or safety check and scheduling phase if I keep moving at the pace I am currently on.

Thank you all for reading my blog until next time. Jayden Johnson


Speaker Cabinets.



My project is to build 4 different types of speaker cabinets and make a finished product of the one I deem to be the highest in quality.

I started off with the idea to make six different cabinets but soon realised that would not be justifiable with the window of time I was working with. I will be working along side my mentor Mr. Brian Bean, my old industrial arts teacher and a teacher at NMC through out this project. Here are some of the original goals I had for the rest of the semester.

1: Design plans on paper with steps

2: Clear sound

3: Looks good/ aesthetically pleasing

4: Affordable

5: Modern design

6: Uses Arduino board

7: 4 Different designs

8: Easy to use

9: Battery or plug in

10: Aux hookup for use of mp3

Now, these goals have been tweaked and changed a little bit but, what reigns supreme has stayed the same, building. Coming into to propel I knew I wanted to spend a lot of time in the workshop building, it has always been one of my passions. Since my project pivoted I have been extremely eager to start getting to go to the workshop and building these speakers. I must first complete the research I was assigned to gain a deeper understanding of the technology behind speakers. My milestones are all mostly repetition due to the fact that my projects 4 individual factors haven’t been identified yet, here are my milestones so far.

1 through 4: Different detailed blueprint and material list for build

5 through 8: Building each cabinet according to blueprints

9: Perform multiple tests on each of the models and get multiple opinions on sound quality.

10: Build with better materials and put a finish and router edges on the cabinet.

What have I done so far? I have almost completed my research into the grit of how speakers work and the terminology of different things related to speakers which is exciting because my next step will be to start planning my blue prints with Mr. Bean then getting to building. That’s where I am so far, thanks or reading!


Propel, first impression.

I have many different first impressions of propel. Most good apart for one or two but they are very minor. My first thoughts though where uncertainty with the program but within a week all my worries faded and I started to feel at home in the program. The way things are run here is better than I could’ve ever asked, I never liked the typical class learning I have always felt to be more of a hands on learner and Patrician and Hansen have done an amazing job moving us away from that style of learning in these first weeks to adjust us to the new environment.

I don’t have many problems with the program and what we have experienced so far, in fact there is only one thing that has been inconvenient and that is the 30-45 minute bus ride to and from Propel. Every morning and afternoon, but I am more than willing to deal with that slight inconvenience and further my experience.

I am extremely excited to continue in the program and to further my experiences outside the normal classroom I have been so set to in previous years. The experience will be liberating to the way I think and process ideas in a new way, a way where I can actually apply them in a work area.